A born problem-finder, I’ve been a professional problem-solver for over 20 years. I’ve designed and illustrated all kinds of things for all kinds of businesses—from corporate to mom-and-pop, and from startup to rebrand. Motivated by a deep desire to improve communication wherever necessary, I adopted my one-size-fits-all philosophy (enhance and minimize) in college, and it’s informed my approach ever since.

I push myself to ask the kinds of questions that dissolve barriers, help others to see from new perspectives, and facilitate productive discourse. This occasionally results in the discovery that the problem we’re trying to solve isn’t actually the problem we need to solve. So deep.


I earned a BA in graphic design and spent 8 years as an Art Director for a busy custom print shop before moving into a second career as an entertainment professional. I spent 15 years writing and performing sketch comedy for stage and screen, and appearing in national commercials, films and television shows. While simultaneously designing freelance, I wrote and produced over 50 comedy videos for various websites, and created, wrote, produced, and sold a pilot. This parallel career has accounted for additional skill sets that have led to two Gold Addy Awards, and have given me a deeper appreciation for collaboration and creative expression in the world of design.

I have yet to work in an agency setting, but I’ve collaborated with writers, producers and directors on national commercial campaigns. I’ve illustrated college mascots, and served as Creative Director for a fintech startup. I sortof defy categorization (for better or worse) because I tend to respectfully look past accepted norms and simply focus on the project at hand, without bias.


Ask me anything.


Pasadena, California